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PC Stress provide a vast range of computer services to home users and small businesses.


These are just some of the services we provide. If the service you require is not on the list please contact us.

Laptop & Computer Repair Services

Laptop & Computer Repair + Maintenance

If your having computer problems such as intermittent pauses, blue screen errors, PC running slow, PC Auto restarts etc... Our engineers specialise in this field and can quickly rectify the problem. Common repairs carried out include software/driver issues, faulty memory, motherboard, power supply units, sound card, system overheating, aswell as repair/re-install Windows operating system. We can also do monthly or yearly maintenance work (Health Check) on your PC to make sure its always running exactly the way you want it.

Virus, Trojan & Spyware removal. We also provide free software for protection against future attacks

Virus/Trojan & Spyware removal + protection

Virus attacks are becoming more sophisticated and nothing is more frustrating than your antivirus software not being able to detect them. As a result serious damage can be done to your computer data. Other common attacks from the internet are of Trojans and Spyware. They try to hide in your system waiting for you to enter personal details such as your bank account so they can steal them. Identity Theft is becoming common and affects thousands of people in UK each year. Another cause of a slow computer would be the build up of old temporary files, corrupted registry or a lack of memory. We aim to solve these problems and make sure sufficient security is installed on your PC. Our friendly engineers will also advise you on safe internet browsing.

Data Recovery of your important files also setup Auto-Backup System

Data Recovery + Backup

Your PC fail to start and you have not backed up your data to an external source. Your work is lost or corrupted and you have tried everything. Now try PC Stress. We are some of the few companies who specialise in data recovery and 90% of the time can recover all your data. We can also setup automated back up on your system or external source. Be careful of rouge technicians who will just wipe your hard drive clean without using the correct tools saying "I'm sorry but your data cannot be retrieved" In most cases itís the lack of knowledge and experience.

Broadband Optimisation Service. We can increase your slow Internet Speed by Modifying or Changing old Telephone Wiring. For less hassle We can also fit booster kit which can show a great increase in your Internet Speed

Broadband setup & Optimisation

First time setting up broadband? Need a secure Wireless network setup? Is your broadband running slow? Do you need phone extensions fitted? Yes we can do it. We can setup your broadband, emails and wireless connection; get you all ready for the internet. If you already have broadband but it's slow and you would like it optimised to a faster speed. Our engineers can test the line and make modifications to increase your broadband speed. All evidence will be provided before and after broadband optimisation so the customer can see for themselves the increase in speed. We intend to improve your broadband speed by at least 0.6Mb. What's more if the engineer cannot optimise broadband speed to at least 0.6Mb, you don't pay a penny.

Complete Setup of PC and Printer including email account setup and much more...

PC & Printer setup

We can setup your PC, this includes and not limited to software & drivers installation, email setup, Update Windows with latest security patches, Printer & Scanner setup, Digital camera + Camcorder setup. Please contact us if you require other computer related services, chances are we do them.

We sell many Computer & Laptop Parts, please fill in the Order Parts Form

Desktop & Laptop Upgrades

Sometimes it's better to upgrade than to buy a new computer. We sell new, refurbished and used computer and laptop parts. You can order parts here », please describe the upgrade or replacement you're after, making sure you include the computer or laptop model. This is normally located at the bottom of the laptop and for desktops on the front or side panel. We can replace laptop screens, keyboard, graphic cards etc... For desktop we can replace all parts. As for upgrades then you can purchase most parts and have them fitted in by one of our engineers.

We have many Branded Computers for Sale. We also sell Custom Built Computers

Custom Built PC

We can build high quality computers according to your specification and budget. We use recognised brands and provide a full 1 year warranty on all parts. To find out more about this click here ».

We can Dispose your Old unwanted Computers (desktop & laptops) for Free

Dispose of Old Computers & Laptops

Many customers have old computers and laptops that are faulty or just too old for any use. These units should not be thrown out with the general rubbish. Computer equipment contains harmful substances that aren’t allowed in landfill sites. We can safely dispose these by dissembling them and sending to the corresponding recycling companies. This is a free service and you can contact us to arrange collection.

Computer Networking to allow you to share files with your friends and families

Network - Files and Printer sharing

We can setup secure network with file and printer sharing. Connect your PC to an existing network. If you want a wireless network solution then we can implement this for you. Troubleshoot network problems and maintenance.

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