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Use Skype or OCC to connect to us.


How to use OCC (Online Chat Center) to connect to us.

Just click on the TFT montior to the right. There is no installation and you will be connected to a technician.

How to connect to one of our computer engineers via Skype.

Most of ours engineers communicate via Skype so it makes it easy for you to contact them via this method. You will need to download Skype if you dont have it already. Follow this link to Download ». A download box will appear. Click on run then follow the installation setup. Once installed create a new user account. Then click on the blue button below or add the name to your contact list.

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Laptop & Computer Parts

We can order new computer and laptop parts as well as give you the option of refurbished and used parts. We can also build computers according to your specification. View More »


We cover all of Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Most of Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, See more areas. View More »

Chat on Skype & OCC

We aim to resolve many computer related questions via skype and OCC (Online Chat Center). This is a free IT support service available to UK only. View More »


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